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PHX is a resource hub and continuing education experience for health.

Population Health Exchange provides opportunities to engage with field experts online and in the classroom, developing new perspectives and advanced skill sets for enhancing the health of populations.

Our lifelong learning resources provide affordable opportunities to grow professionally and keep up with emerging population health trends in convenient, collaborative, and cross-sectional environments.

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A breakthrough for sickle cell disease?

New episode! Matt, Chris, and Don discuss a study on a new treatment for sickle cell disease, the gang discuss some advances in registered reports, and Matt figures out which celebrity he should publish a paper with.

Participants Discuss Their Experience in Essentials of Biostatistics with SAS JMP®

This summer, public health professionals participated in the 2019 program, Essentials of Biostatistics with SAS JMP®. We asked two participants, Shirin and Jennifer, to tell us about their experience in the program.