A lifelong learning initiative.

PHX is a resource hub and continuing education experience for health.

Population Health Exchange provides opportunities to engage with field experts online and in the classroom, developing new perspectives and advanced skill sets for enhancing the health of populations.

Our lifelong learning resources provide affordable opportunities to grow professionally and keep up with emerging population health trends in convenient, collaborative, and cross-sectional environments.

Learn for life.

Peering into the future of public health teaching

June 2018, The Lancet

"Public health teaching that evolves with the times has a unique opportunity to prepare students to tackle challenges to the health of populations over the coming decades".

Should we pay people to quit smoking? (Guest host!)

New podcast episode! Matt, Chris, and Jennifer Rider (our first ever guest host) discuss a pragmatic trial of smoking cessation, examine the pros and cons of surrogate endpoints, and Chris schools us all on horse dentistry.

About Us

Population Health Exchange is Boston University School of Public Health’s lifelong learning initiative. We created PHX because we believe that learning doesn’t end once you earn a degree. Watch the video for a review of our first year.