Passion for your work is essential, but understanding how to fundraise, budget, and make decisions based on financial information is just as important in realizing your goals.

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Implementing Lean Strategies in Healthcare Organizations

Webinar | October 29th, 2019

Healthcare organizations are constantly looking for ways to improve efficiency and manage rising costs, while still delivering the best quality of care and a great patient experience. Lean management is a quality improvement process designed for reducing waste and variation.

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Online Fundraising Bootcamp for Public Health Programs and Non-Profits (SI 19)

On Campus 20 Hours June 17-19, 2019 Registration Closed
Taught By
Sera Bonds, MPH, Founder/CEO, Circle of Health International

The future of fundraising is on the Internet.

Overview of Current Practice in Health Economics & Outcomes Research (SI 19)

On Campus 10 Hours June 13-14, 2019 Registration Closed
Taught By
Gilbert J. L'Italien, PhD, Executive Director, Global Health Outcomes, Bristol-Myers Squibb

The demand for competencies in the area of Health Economics & Outcomes Research (HEOR) has expanded greatly over the past two decades. This expansion is the result of increasing demands for evidence of value to support optimal reimbursement by insurers for both pharmacologic therapies and medical devices.

Creating Maximum Value: Lean Management in Healthcare (WI 23)

Online 20 Hours Begins January 3, 2023 Registration Closed
Taught By
Jonathan R Modest, MBA, MPH, Adjunct Professor, BUSPH | Senior Administrative Director, Department of Urology, MGH

Given the current environment, healthcare organizations are facing the need to change rapidly in order to continue to provide safe, efficient and effective care to patients.

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People who live in glass houses...

Free Associations Podcast | May 8th, 2018

Matt, Chris, and Don finally take on one of their own studies and see how it holds up, the gang discusses what to do when your study has flaws, and Chris tells us what happens if you don’t get funding as a junior faculty member.