Passion for your work is essential, but understanding how to fundraise, budget, and make decisions based on financial information is just as important in realizing your goals.

Featured Programs

Online Fundraising Boot Camp for Public Health Programs and Non-Profits (SI 17)

On Campus 20 Hours Registration closed
Taught By
Sera Bonds, MPH, Founder/CEO, Circle of Health International

The future of fundraising is on the Internet.

Financial Management (SI 17)

On Campus 20 Hours Registration Closed
Taught By
Kristin Shaw, MPH, Program Manager, BU Global Health Collaborative

Develop essential skills in addressing financial issues, reading and interpreting financial data, conducting analyses, and making decisions using financial information.

Dollars to Results: Using Data Analytics to Improve Cost Effectiveness in International Development (SI 17)

On Campus 20 Hours Registration closed
Taught By
Rob Segan, MBA, MPH, Senior Business Manager, Palladium
James Wolff, MD, Associate Professor, Global Health, BUSPH

Explore how data driven decisions can increase Value for Money to help reach program targets in international development.