How do social factors, the environment, and demographics affect a person’s likelihood of developing a disease? Epidemiology is key in generating solutions to battle the world’s public health challenges, including answering these questions and creating interventions for preventative healthcare.

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Developing Resilience in Challenging Times

Webinar | November 22nd, 2021

Professionals in healthcare often have limited knowledge of the impact of Moral Residue and compassion fatigue and lack skills needed to foster self-care practices. This webinar is geared towards a reinvigoration of career choices and healthy patterns in the navigation of life stressors.

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Understanding the Exposure Disease Pathway

Practically Speaking | January 3rd, 2019

How do environmental health professionals discover and address problems like the Flint water crisis? Dr. Jennifer Schlezinger explains an essential framework called the Exposure Disease Pathway.

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Introduction to Infectious Disease Epidemiology (WI 22)

Online 25 Hours Begins January 10, 2022 Registration Closed
Taught By
Alana Brennan, PhD, MPH, Assistant Professor, Global Health & Epidemiology, BUSPH

Infectious disease epidemiology is the study of the complex relationships among hosts, the environment and infectious agents. This program will introduce traditional infectious disease epidemiology, focusing on practical issues in the study and control of infectious diseases in populations.

An Introduction to Epidemiologic Data Analysis: Excel to SAS (SI 18)

On Campus 20 Hours June 11-13, 2018 Registration Closed
Taught By
Samantha Parker, PhD, Assistant Professor, Epidemiology, BUSPH

Epidemiology research can produce a lot of data— how that data is analyzed can be the key to creating impactful health interventions.

Creating Maximum Value: Lean Management in Healthcare (WI 23)

Online 20 Hours Begins January 3, 2023 Registration Closed
Taught By
Jonathan R Modest, MBA, MPH, Adjunct Professor, BUSPH | Senior Administrative Director, Department of Urology, MGH

Given the current environment, healthcare organizations are facing the need to change rapidly in order to continue to provide safe, efficient and effective care to patients.

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"Professor Healey is so kind and approachable. I cannot emphasize that enough. She genuinely cares about each student. She's made a subject that can be difficult and intimidating, friendly and exciting for me. Her expertise and preparedness were huge factors that contributed to this" - Summer Institute Participant

Megan Healey, PhD, MPH
Clinical Assistant Professor, Epidemiology, BUSPH