Statistical Computing

Public health and healthcare delivery is constantly inundated with data from sources, including clinical trials, observational and longitudinal studies, genomics, and more. Having a firm grasp of the statistical computing skill-set can help you analyze this information effectively, and translate the flow of data into meaningful information that can inform decisions to improve the health of populations.

Related Programs

Essentials of Biostatistics with SAS JMP® (SI 20)

Online 40 Hours Begins June 1, 2020 Registration Closed
Taught By
Lisa Sullivan, PhD, Associate Dean for Education, Professor of Biostatistics, BUSPH

Get a comprehensive introduction to the use of biostatistics in the field of public health, while learning to compute and interpret descriptive and inferential statistics using SAS JMP®.

Introduction to SAS (SI 19)

On Campus 20 Hours June 17-19, 2019 Registration Closed
Taught By
Carly Milliren, MPH, Teaching Professional, Biostatistics, BUSPH

This program introduces students to statistical computing with focus on the SAS package. Emphasis is on manipulating data sets and basic statistical procedures such as t-tests, chi-square tests, and correlation.

Meta-Analysis for Public Health and Biomedical Research Using R (SI 19)

On Campus 14 Hours June 13-14, 2019 Registration Closed
Taught By
Ludovic Trinquart, PhD, Assistant Professor, Biostatistics, BUSPH
Michael P. LaValley, PhD, Professor, Biostatistics, BUSPH

Meta-Analysis is the gold standard statistical approach to combine the results of multiple studies and to examine sources of heterogeneity and potential biases.

Featured Instructor

“Professor Hicks was excellent in her teaching of SAS. The examples were extremely helpful and it’s great that I have the data sets to practice on at home. The whole event was very organized” - Summer Institute Participant

Jaqueline Hicks, PhD
Clinical Assistant Professor, Biostatistics, BUSPH