Research Methods

Implementing and evaluating the appropriate research methods is essential to developing solutions to complex health challenges.

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Design and Conduct of Clinical Trials (SI 19)

On Campus 20 Hours June 10-12, 2019 Registration Closed
Taught By
Janice Weinberg, ScD, Professor of Biostatistics, BUSPH
Susan Fish, Pharm D, MPH, Professor of Biostatistics, BUSPH

Knowing how to effectively develop a clinical trial can get you started in research or take your research to the next level. Recognized as the gold standard in research study design, clinical trials help researchers learn about disease and improve health care for people in the future.

Gender-Based Violence: Research Methods and Analysis (SI 19)

On Campus 20 Hours June 17-19, 2019 Registration Closed
Taught By
Nafisa Halim, PhD, MA(s), Research Assistant Professor, Global Health, BUSPH

Gender-based violence affects people around the world every day. This violence, mainly towards women, reinforces power dynamics and impacts overall health, including physical and psychological development.

Meta-Analysis for Public Health and Biomedical Research Using R (SI 19)

On Campus 14 Hours June 13-14, 2019 Registration Closed
Taught By
Ludovic Trinquart, PhD, Assistant Professor, Biostatistics, BUSPH
Michael P. LaValley, PhD, Professor, Biostatistics, BUSPH

Meta-Analysis is the gold standard statistical approach to combine the results of multiple studies and to examine sources of heterogeneity and potential biases.

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Alcohol Policy and COVID-19

Webinar | January 5th, 2021

This webinar reviews what we know about changes in alcohol consumption since the beginning of the pandemic, as well as the changes in policies governing alcohol availability. It then reviews the policy issues associated with both alcohol marketing data and physical availability of alcohol.