Teaching Excellence in Public Health

A modern public health education is relevant and practical, and the foundational tools it supplies are regularly integrated into a wide variety of careers. Institutions that offer a public health education have a responsibility to teach professionals that will bring these skills to new sectors, fields, and disciplines. As this demand grows and changes, so must the programs.

“The importance of engaging multiple disciplines in the challenges facing public health means that it will no longer be possible to work without considering clinical medicine, engineering, and urban planning, to name but a few key fields”.

Peering into the future of public health teaching
Lisa Sullivan, Laura Magaña, Sandro Galea
June 2018, The Lancet

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Teaching Excellence

Teaching Public Health Symposium 2020

Teaching Excellence in Public Health | June 11th, 2020

The biennial BUSPH symposium on teaching public health explores best practices in inclusive pedagogy. Speakers address educational policies, course design, content, and other approaches that optimize learning for all students.