Navigating a Foodborne Outbreak

Preparation for Interprofessional Practice

Navigating a Foodborne Outbreak: Preparation for Interprofessional Practice is a self-paced, interactive, competency-based, case study teaching module for interprofessional education towards improving and protecting population health. Access the module directly at

Target Audience: Public health (baccalaureate- and master’s-level), medical, and nursing (baccalaureate-, master’s-, and doctoral-level) students.

Learning Outcome: Upon completion, learners will be able to “describe how professionals in health and other fields can collaborate and integrate clinical care and public health interventions to optimize population health” (Interprofessional Education Collaborative Core Competencies for Interprofessional Collaborative Practice, Competency RR-10).

Module Details: The case scenario of the module is a fictional foodborne illness based on the 2015-2016 multi-state outbreak of Salmonella Poona associated with cucumbers. The three settings in the module include:

  • Clinical encounters with symptomatic patients
  • Local public health department response
  • Interprofessional debriefing meeting among the clinicians and public health professionals involved in the outbreak.

The module encourages learners to deepen their knowledge through links to a variety of supplementary resources that extend the learning and length of the module from an estimated base of 90 minutes up to two hours. The module includes: an instructor’s guide, a pre-module assessment, case scenario videos, supporting resources that can be saved to a personal library, a post-module assessment, and a digital certificate of completion.
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