Climate Change

Every year climate change-related extreme weather events and conditions become more frequent and intense. While this pattern affects the well-being of all, vulnerable and marginalized populations continue to face the greatest health challenges.

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Understanding Climate Change Resilience

Practically Speaking | August 29th, 2023

Assistant Professor of Environmental Health, Amruta Nori-Sarma, explains the three-tiered concept of climate change resilience and provides examples of action that can be taken at each level.

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Introduction to ArcGIS Pro for Public Health (WI 23)

Live Online 20 Hours January 9-11, 2023 Registration Closed
Taught By
Kevin James Lane, PhD, MA, Assistant Professor, Environmental Health, BUSPH

The role of spatial analysis in local, state and regional public health has steadily increased over the last decade with the infusion of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) software such as ESRI ArcGIS Pro.

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Global Climate Change Convention Decisions Will Have Local Impacts

PHX Perspectives | December 6th, 2018

The 24th Conference of the Parties (COP) of the United Nations framework convention on climate change kicked off in Katowice Poland this week. This comes on the heels of a new report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) showing that drastic emission reductions will need to begin over the next decade in order to achieve the target of 1.5 °C additional warming.