Health, Well-being, and Quality of Life

Understanding the factors that influence mental and physical health can lead to a holistic approach to disease prevention—providing the necessary data to help policy makers and public health practitioners create and evaluate health interventions.

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Designing Healthy Cities

On Campus 20 Hours Registration closed
Taught By
Karen Lee, MD, MHSc, Healthy built environment and social determinants of health specialist

Recent evidence shows the built environment influences physical activity and diets which can contribute directly to today’s global pandemics.

Health Equity & Social Justice: Essential Tools for Public Health Professionals

On Campus 20 Hours Registration closed

Taught by Candice Belanoff, ScD, MPH, Clinical Assistant Professor, Community Health Sciences, BUSPH

Health Equity is an issue gaining increased attention from the public health community, yet few public health practitioners know how to “make it happen.”

Stress Management for Health Professionals

On Campus 15 Hours Registration Closed
Taught By
Carol A. Dolan, PhD, Clinical Associate Professor, Community Health Sciences, BUSPH

Stress has been identified as a major health concern, affecting both physical and mental health. Learning how to reduce and manage stress is vital for maintaining overall health, improving mood and immune function, and promoting longevity and productivity.