The Shot

Saturday, December 3 | 10:00am

SGB is an injection into the stellate ganglion, a group of nerves in the neck that sends messages to the brain in response to stress. When it is overactive, it causes anxiety, irritability, hyper-vigilance, and sleep issues in a person with PTSD. By injecting an anesthetic, the stellate ganglion is reset to a normal resting state. The shot often takes effect immediately. According to Dr. Eugene Lipov who performs these procedures, the success rate is more than 80%.

This injection can be given to veterans or anyone else suffering from PTSD, such as medical professionals, which is more important now than ever due to the COVID-19 crisis. PenFed followed two veterans and an ICU nurse through the procedure. All three of them previously attempted suicide. Their lives are ravaged by post-traumatic stress, or at least, they were… until now. The SGB procedure brought them out of the darkness. The difference, as shown in this short, is astounding.