Winter Institute

Turning Data into Action

Join us January 8-12, 2018 for short, immersive programs open to professionals, from across sectors, with all levels of public health knowledge. This year’s Winter Institute focuses on turning data into action, with program topics including intervention planning, data visualization, SAS, and public health informatics.

Current students in higher education, BUSPH alumni, along with BU faculty and staff, will receive a 25 percent discount on all offerings. We also offer a 25 percent discount for any resident of upper-middle-income countries, lower-middle-income countries and low-income countries (based on the World Bank Classification).

Open Programs

Enhancing the Impact of Your Research with More Effective Data Visualization

On Campus 8 Hours January 9, 2018 $425
Taught By
Lisa Sullivan, PhD, Associate Dean for Education, Professor of Biostatistics, BUSPH

Clearly written text and well-designed tables and figures enhance understanding; poorly written text and poorly designed tables and figures create confusion.

Introduction to SAS

On Campus 20 Hours January 8-10, 2018 $850
Taught By
Jacqueline N. Milton, PhD, Clinical Assistant Professor, Biostatistics, BUSPH

This program introduces students to statistical computing with focus on the SAS package. Emphasis is on manipulating data sets and basic statistical procedures such as t-tests, chi-square tests, and correlation.

Engage and Inspire Your Audience with Story Maps | Webinar

Online 1 Hour January 11, 2018 Free
Taught By
Jess Malenfant, MPH, Senior Health Informatics Analyst
T. Scott Troppy, MPH, PMP, Surveillance Epidemiologist

With a Story Map, you can combine your maps with narrative text that you create and edit on demand, images, and multimedia content to create compelling, user-friendly web apps (known as Story Maps) that simply tell the story of your data.

Closed Programs

Intervention Strategies in Public Health

On Campus 20 Hours January 10-12, 2018 Registration closed
Taught By
Jacey Greece, DSc, MPH, Clinical Assistant Professor, Community Health Sciences, BUSPH

Learn how to successfully plan an intervention that is theory-driven, evidence-based, feasible, and evaluable.

Monitoring and Evaluating the Impact of Public Health Programs

On Campus 20 Hours January 8-10, 2018 Registration closed
Taught By
Nancy Scott, MPH, DrPH, Assistant Professor, Global Health, BUSPH
Nafisa Halim, PhD, Research Assistant Professor, Global Health, BUSPH

Are public health interventions working? Develop the skills necessary to ensure that our public health programs are making the change they are meant to make to improve lives and build healthy populations.