Summer Institute

May-July 2023

The PHX Summer Institute offers short, immersive programs open to professionals, from across sectors, with all levels of public health knowledge. We offer a wide range of programs that teach participants career-enhancing skills, from learning to plan effective, evidence-based interventions to refining their data analysis skills, all while networking with their peers inside and outside of BUSPH.


From Data to Dashboards: Using Excel to support health program decisions

Online 30 Hours Begins May 22, 2023 Registration Closed
Taught By
Elizabeth Lewis, MBA, Lead Analyst, Boston Health Care for the Homeless Program | Adjunct Assistant Professor, BUSPH

Build your Excel “toolbox” of skills and learn best practices in data visualizations so that you can turn data into information and use graphs to communicate it effectively.

Essentials of Biostatistics with SAS JMP®

Online 40 Hours Begins June 12, 2023 Registration Closed
Taught By
Lisa Sullivan, PhD, Associate Dean for Education, Professor of Biostatistics, BUSPH

Get a comprehensive introduction to the use of biostatistics in the field of public health, while learning to compute and interpret descriptive and inferential statistics using SAS JMP®.

Introduction to Infectious Disease Epidemiology

Online 25 Hours Begins May 22, 2023 Registration Closed
Taught By
Alana Brennan, PhD, MPH, Assistant Professor, Global Health & Epidemiology, BUSPH

Infectious disease epidemiology is the study of the complex relationships among hosts, the environment and infectious agents. This program will introduce traditional infectious disease epidemiology, focusing on practical issues in the study and control of infectious diseases in populations.

Public Health Management and the Law

Live Online 1.5 Hours Each Begins June 5, 2023 Registration Closed
Taught By
Joan Densberger, J.D., LL.M., MPH, Attorney at Law | Adjunct Associate Professor of Health Law, Ethics & Human Rights, BUSPH

Over the course of 5 workshops this program will foster a practical understanding of major legal concepts that apply in the many areas encompassing the public’s health.

Creating Maximum Value: Lean Management in Healthcare

Online 20 Hours Begins June 5, 2023 Registration Closed
Taught By
Jonathan R Modest, MBA, MPH, Adjunct Professor, BUSPH | Senior Administrative Director, Department of Urology, MGH

Given the current environment, healthcare organizations are facing the need to change rapidly in order to continue to provide safe, efficient and effective care to patients.

Introduction to ArcGIS Pro for Public Health

Live Online 20 Hours June 12-14, 2023 Registration Closed
Taught By
Kevin James Lane, PhD, MA, Assistant Professor, Environmental Health, BUSPH

The role of spatial analysis in local, state and regional public health has steadily increased over the last decade with the infusion of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) software such as ESRI ArcGIS Pro.

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Hearing how participants will use these skills in their work makes PHX one of my favorite spots to teach!

Summer Institute Instructor Amanda Makulec