Enhancing the Impact of Your Research with More Effective Data Visualization

Lisa Sullivan, PhD, Associate Dean for Education, Professor of Biostatistics, BUSPH

On Campus 8 Hours June 13, 2019 Registration Closed

Program Summary

Effective data visualization can enhance the impact of your research. Clearly written text and well-designed tables and figures enhance understanding; poorly written text and poorly designed tables and figures create confusion. In this workshop, we will learn proper data visualization techniques to clearly communicate data and statistical results both to scientific collaborators and to lay audiences. Hands-on practice and discussion will center on understanding when and how to use text, tables and figures to communicate data and statistical results. We will discuss best practices of information design and learn to develop effective tables and figures.


Participants will learn to:

  • Determine when data and statistical results are best displayed in text, tables and figures;
  • Identify design features of effective tables and figures;
  • Create tables and figures to effectively summarize statistical results;
  • Apply sound statistical principles in all manners of communicating data and statistical results

Required knowledge/pre-requisites

No formal pre-requisites. Understanding of basic biostatistics and Excel would be helpful.

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Program Details

On Campus 8 Hours June 13, 2019 Registration Closed

-Thursday, 9:00am-5:00pm