Webinar | "Ride-Sharing Science": Using Public Health for Change

Erica Walker, MSc, ScD, Postdoctoral Researcher, Environmental Health, BUSPH

Online January 9, 2020 Free

As public health researchers we are often tethered more to the publication part of academia rather than the public part of public health.

Drawing on her experience as a researcher in the Community Noise Lab at BUSPH, Erica Walker will discuss how adopting a “ride-sharing science” approach as academic researchers can lead us to more meaningful and public-facing research. “Ride-sharing science” means that you as a researcher select your final destination but share your travels with other passengers and allow room for an unknown journey. Erica will share her experiences in her own research and will demonstrate how adopting this approach has led to deep and rewarding community engagement, interdisciplinary collaborations, innovative advocacy, and most importantly, impact.

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