Engage and Inspire Your Audience with Story Maps | Webinar

Jess Malenfant, MPH, Senior Health Informatics Analyst

T. Scott Troppy, MPH, PMP, Surveillance Epidemiologist

Online 1 Hour January 11, 2018 Free

Everyone has data to share and a story to tell…..so why not use a Story Map?

With a Story Map, you can combine your maps with narrative text that you create and edit on demand, images, and multimedia content to create compelling, user-friendly web apps (known as Story Maps) that simply tell the story of your data.  As a student, alumni or aspiring researcher, one could use these story maps to investigate pertinent issues in public health, disease surveillance, chronic illness, political geography, public safety, or other pertinent areas of interest.

Webinar Overview

The webinar will enable participants to understand why a story can be effectively told with today’s interactive, web-based story maps, learn how to showcase your data using the story map format, and learn how to create story maps that incorporate sounds, video, photographs, narrative, and other multimedia. Through several examples and discussion participants will learn how and why to create story maps using the ArcGIS Online platform and be confident that you can use them for your data when you are ready.

Program Details

Online 1 Hour January 11, 2018 Free

-Thursday, 12:00pm - 1:00pm (EST)