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Practically Speaking | November 7th, 2018

Researching Intimate Partner Violence

It is more important than ever to study and develop prevention initiatives for intimate partner violence (IPV) in an accurate, safe, and ethical way. Nafisa Halim shares three key points about researching IPV.

Free Associations Podcast | November 6th, 2018

The born to run episode: Exercise and mental health

Matt, Chris, and Don look at a massive cross-sectional study on the relationship between exercise and mental health, the gang discusses whether critiquing science gives fodder to those who wish to dismiss science, and Don finally solves all our manuscript issues.

Free Associations Podcast | October 23rd, 2018

The target trial episode: The case of diclofenac and cardiovascular disease

Matt, Chris, and Don look at a study that used a unique approach to look at the effect of a common NSAID on cardiovascular disease, the gang discusses a study attempting to reproduce results originally published in Nature and Science, and Chris, yet again, finds a way to talk about bees.

Practically Speaking | October 18th, 2018

Addressing US Maternal Mortality

Maternal mortality in the US is a much bigger and broader problem than people expect. These are the three key things to know before we can do something about it.

Free Associations Podcast | October 9th, 2018

The sleep episode: melatonin for a sleep disorder

Matt, Chris, and Don look at whether melatonin can help people with a sleep disorder, the gang discusses nutritional epidemiology, and Chris learns the dangers of ignoring Matt’s emails.

PHX Perspectives | September 26th, 2018

Urban Hospital Closings Q&A

In preparation for his upcoming webinar, "Why should we care about urban hospital closings?", we asked Dr. Alan Sager about the context surrounding survival, need, and efficiency of hospitals in urban communities.

Free Associations Podcast | September 25th, 2018

Is smog really affecting our minds?

Matt, Chris, and Don take on a study from China on the relationship between smog and cognitive function, the gang discusses a new EU funding policy on publishing in paywalled journals, and Chris insists he gets two Amazing and Amusings.

Free Associations Podcast | September 11th, 2018

The best of Amazing and Amusing

It’s our one year anniversary! Chris and Don are away this week so rather than have Matt talk to himself, we thought we’d go back and revisit some of our favorite Amazing and Amusing segments from the past year.

Free Associations Podcast | August 28th, 2018

Is low-dose aspirin for everyone? (Guest host!)

Matt, Chris, and Jen talk about a study of whether low-dose aspirin to prevent vascular events should be weight dependent, the gang revisits placebo effects, and Jen focuses on the empathy of our dogs.

Free Associations Podcast | August 14th, 2018

Should we pay people to quit smoking? (Guest host!)

Matt, Chris, and Jennifer Rider (our first ever guest host) discuss a pragmatic trial of smoking cessation, examine the pros and cons of surrogate endpoints, and Chris schools us all on horse dentistry.

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