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Free Associations Podcast | August 13th, 2019

Smells like an associational study

Matt, Chris, and Don discuss the relationship between ability to smell and mortality, the gang discuss the role that journals have to play in combatting false medical claims, and Matt explains his concerns about the future of sandwiches.

Free Associations Podcast | July 30th, 2019

And I would walk 10,000 steps

Matt, Chris, and Don determine whether you really need to walk 10,000 steps per day, the gang discuss a paper that had two discussion sections which came to two different conclusions, and Don enlightens us on whether couples look alike.

Free Associations Podcast | July 16th, 2019

The best of Amazing and Amusing II

Matt, Chris, and Don have been traveling recently so for this episode we bring you another collection of the best of Amazing and Amusing. Enjoy!

Practically Speaking | July 15th, 2019

Suicide as a Public Health Crisis

Why has the media recently described suicide as a public health crisis despite its rarity on the population level? Dr. Jaimie Gradus, Associate Professor of Epidemiology at BUSPH, shares three key points on understanding this epidemic and what researchers are doing to help prevent future deaths.

Free Associations Podcast | July 2nd, 2019

Doc, you really need a medical scribe…

Matt, Chris, and Don look at the impact of medical scribes on doctor productivity, the gang discuss a journal that only publishes unsurprising results, and Don grosses us out with facts about viruses.

Free Associations Podcast | June 18th, 2019

Undetectable = untransmissible

Matt, Chris, and Don look at a study of the risk of HIV transmission when a person is successfully taking HIV treatment (spoiler: the risk is 0), the gang discuss what a “risk factor” is, and Matt channels his inner Harry Potter.

Free Associations Podcast | June 4th, 2019

Rebroadcast: A tough pill to swallow?

As we are nearing our 50th episode we wanted to take a look back at one of our favorites. Enjoy this rebroadcast of the poop pill episode.

Free Associations Podcast | May 21st, 2019

The social jetlag episode (it’s a thing)

Matt, Chris, and Don look at how living on the wrong side of a time zone affects your health, the gang discuss when it might be ok to conduct a trial without patient consent, and Matt wines.

Free Associations Podcast | May 7th, 2019

Cannabis use and psychosis

Matt, Chris, and Don look at a study of the impact of cannabis use on psychosis, the gang discuss something called ethics dumping, and Chris goes on a rant about naked mole rats.

PHX Perspectives | April 30th, 2019

Inspiring the Next Generation to Promote Public Health

I love teaching young people about the opportunities that exist in biostatistics–because they are often unaware. Students who like solving complicated problems, working in teams and contributing to solutions that improve health are perfect candidates for biostatistics!

Free Associations Podcast | April 23rd, 2019

A breakthrough for postpartum depression?

Matt, Chris, and Don look at a new treatment for postpartum depression, the gang discuss some statistical pitfalls in personalized medicine, and Chris schools us all on cat behavior.

PHX Perspectives | April 9th, 2019

The Future of Fundraising

Understanding how emerging platforms and technologies can help us raise the funds needed to save lives is exciting to me and I love passing these skills on to other fundraisers in public health as diversified funding streams are what is needed to truly sustain impact and programs.

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