Teaching Excellence in Public Health

A modern public health education is relevant and practical, and the foundational tools it supplies are regularly integrated into a wide variety of careers. Institutions that offer a public health education have a responsibility to teach professionals that will bring these skills to new sectors, fields, and disciplines. As this demand grows and changes, so must the programs.

A strong public health education depends on innovative teaching strategies that improve every aspect of the experience, from teaching theory to the application of writing strategy. In response to this, PHX created Teaching Excellence in Public Health, a resource for public health educators to shape their curriculum. Our aim is to help educators expand in-class exercises past the conventional definition of teaching and bring you innovative strategies to engage your students.

Teaching Excellence

Teaching Public Health Symposium

Teaching Excellence in Public Health | March 28th, 2018

Established graduate schools and programs of public health are redesigning curricula to meet the changing needs of incoming students and to ensure that graduates have the knowledge, skills, and attributes to meet the needs of a changing workforce. Includes resources from the Teaching Public Health Symposium held at BUSPH on 3/28/18.