Health Equity

Everyone should have an equal opportunity to attain their highest level of health. Understanding and utilizing the Social Determinants of Health, structural elements and conditions in which people are born, grow, live, work, and age, can lead to a holistic approach to disease prevention.

Practically Speaking | June 20th, 2022

The Importance of College Student Mental Health

Sarah Lipson, co-Principal Investigator of The Healthy Minds Study, discusses three lessons learned from her extensive research on the mental health needs and service utilization of college students.

Free Associations Podcast | February 11th, 2020

Social determinants of homicides in the US

Matt, Chris, and Jen examine a study on the social determinants of homicides, they discuss whether Mendelian randomization will save epidemiology, and Matt goes for the old BMJ Christmas edition.

Free Associations Podcast | January 28th, 2020

Does quality of care affect maternal and neonatal outcomes?

Matt, Chris, and Jen discuss a study modeling the impact of improvements in quality of care, they discuss a poorly thought through letter from a group of publishers to the president, and Jen teaches us about worm memories.

PHX Perspectives | January 21st, 2020

Housing and Health

Housing insecure individuals have high rates of chronic physical health conditions, mental health conditions, and various disabilities, and face barriers to accessing health care.

Free Associations Podcast | January 14th, 2020

What's new for treating Ebola?

Matt, Chris, and Jen examine a study on new treatments for Ebola, they discuss whether retracted papers should still be cited, and Chris and Jen have the same Amazing and Amusing.

PHX Perspectives | January 7th, 2020

Period Justice with The Period Project

Despite our broad range of experiences, what unifies us is our common belief in the public health mission that every menstruating individual should have access to clean and consistent period products.

Free Associations Podcast | September 10th, 2019

A breakthrough for sickle cell disease?

Matt, Chris, and Don discuss a study on a new treatment for sickle cell disease, the gang discuss some advances in registered reports, and Matt figures out which celebrity he should publish a paper with.

Free Associations Podcast | August 27th, 2019

Contraception and HIV risk

Matt, Chris, and Don discuss a study on whether commonly used contraception increases HIV risk, the gang discuss how to improve the communication of science, and Don finally does standup comedy.

Free Associations Podcast | February 12th, 2019

Peanut allergy desensitization

Matt, Chris, and Don look at a study of a desensitization treatment for those with peanut allergy, the gang discuss whether artificial intelligence will replace us, and Matt learns how quickly he can put us all to sleep with a boring conference talk.

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