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Free Associations Podcast

Free Associations is about using a critical eye when reading journal articles or news coverage about research breakthroughs. With a sense of humor and a healthy dose of skepticism Professors Matt Fox, Chris Gill and Jennifer Rider talk us through popular health studies and hyperbolic news headlines while teaching us how to ask the right questions.

Practically Speaking

A series of monthly short videos that provide practical tips and techniques you can use.

Teaching Excellence in Public Health

A modern public health education is relevant and practical, and the foundational tools it supplies are regularly integrated into a wide variety of careers. Institutions that offer a public health education have a responsibility to teach professionals that will bring these skills to new sectors, fields, and disciplines. As this demand grows and changes, so must the programs.

PHX Perspectives

PHX values the unique perspectives of those working across the expansive realm of population health. As part of the “exchange” portion of our ethos, we have created this space to share the stories and viewpoints of both our colleagues at BUSPH and our peers in all sectors striving to advance health for everyone.

All Media

An archive of media resources including short videos, webinars, podcasts, and more.